“We can’t recommend Bill Rawlings highly enough! His wise counsel, knowledge and experience were invaluable to us as first-time landlords. His care and skill in finding the right tenants for our historic home proved to be enormously important. His responsiveness, strong people skills and great team of service providers made for happy relationships all around and made our experience a real pleasure.”

~Stan and Carol Hubbard

“Bill Rawlings managed our rental house for 2 1/2 years and he did much more than was required of a rental agent. If there was any problem he took care of it immediately. He tried to do as much of the process of problem solving as possible, calling us only when we had to make a financial or major decision. He has a long list of workmen or companies to call for every repair or emergency and he gave us helpful advice concerning what needed to be done. When our tenant was ill, he even took care of him and his dog. Bill did more than we ever expected and it was a pleasure to work with him.”

~Carolyn MacGregor and Russ Palmeri

“Bill has managed our rental home for more than three years and we are very pleased with his service.  We live several hours away from the property, and we have completely relied on Bill to find good tenants, handle all maintenance, and manage finances.  He has consistently been responsive, trustworthy, and professional in all our dealings, and has taken care of our investment as if it were his own.”

~Joshua Robinson

“I cannot recommend Bill Rawlings of Rawlings Real Estate Management highly enough.

Bill has managed the seven rental properties that I own for the last three years.

In that time I have found him to be unfailingly obliging, calm, good natured, agreeable, exceedingly efficient, well organized and COMPETENT, VERY, VERY COMPETENT.  Bill has always followed through with what he says he will do or organize. The rent checks are ready on time, every time, backed up with detailed paper work.

Bill handles both my tenants and myself as owner so smoothly, calmly and efficiently, without alienating either party..that is a remarkable achievement to maintain good relations with both parties, each with a different perspective:  a testimony to Bill’s exceptional people skills.

As long as I own these properties I will be one of Bill’s loyal clients.”

~Janice Judd

“For nearly two years I rented a house that was managed by Bill Rawlings. I was deeply impressed with the level of management and the timeliness in which every email and phone call was answered. Renting a home can sometimes be difficult and having a responsive and reliable property manager is a blessing. Thank you for providing excellent customer service!”

~Danielle Goldstein